Language Says It All... Again

Racism is a prevalent part of society. Sometimes deep in the bowles of the citizenry, other times out in the open, ugly and in our face. Often recognizing racism can push us beyond our comfort zone. Other times it is so blatant it is almost beyond belief.

If we look at Uncle Remus, portrayed in the ad, he looks friendly, smiling at us; but a closer examination reveals a tie cocked to the side and a vest mostly unbuttoned. He appears curiously disheveled, type cast as impoverished perhaps or simply lacking in terms of societal standards of what looks presentable. It is not immediately clear as to why Uncle Remus’ clothes look unkempt, but further reflection suggests that, despite his best efforts to the contrary and his tasty syrup, he is inferior. Inferior in his socio-economic class, inferior in his language, inferior in his appearance, and inferior in his dress. Inferior in almost every way to his unparalleled savior; the master of a language he cannot seemingly master… the white man.

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