Race Runs Deep in Chapelle's Comedy

Dave Chapelle is an astounding comedian, famous from his now defunct Comedy Central sketch comedy extravaganza, The Chapelle Show. A deeper investigation of much of his stand-up and sketch comedy reveals a sharp satirical wit, offering a number of comedic bits rooted in poignant investigations of race relations, racial interactions, and racism itself. Chapelle asks powerful questions through his musings and attempts to turn the status quo on its ear.

In our overly sensative, uber-polictically correct culture, it seems like comedy has become the last bastion for open discourse about race. It is in this spirit, without fear, that Dave Chapelle seemlessly intertwines comedian and sociologist, comedian and political analyst, comedian and social theorist, comedian and teacher. In his many comedic endeavors Chapelle has an uncanny ability to capture us with laughter but to offer a powerful, sometimes scathing critique of how ridiculuos racism looks when openly portrayed. He is brillant in holding a mirror up to American culture and asking it to please look at itself. I for one commend him for his courage and emplore him to continue; because at least a few people are listening. For examples of the kind of thought provoking comedy discussed, please view some of Dave Chapelle's work at:


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