The Doors

On one hand I really enjoy this advertisement because it is balanced in some way. Two women, two men. Black, Asian, Hispanic, White. The people in the advertisement stand as equal. You do not have the sense that one is more powerful or more important than the other. Each of them looks as if they have equal opportunity to walk through the open doorway and achieve their tangible goals.

On the other hand this ad is overly politically correct. It is a suspended moment of unreality. I don't know where this place is... rolling clouds, blue sky, clean architecture, and the representative skin pigments of the rainbow. Utopia is a place I think of often, but unfortunately I've never been there and will likely never have the chance to go.

"Imagine what would happen if companies' doors were open to everyone"? A profound question. I wonder if it is a rhetorical question? Affirmative action programs would likely become unnecessary. Companies would likely have terrifically improved leadership and employees by hiring the most qualified for the job instead of relying on an inefficient system of nepotism and seniority. Perhaps someday companies' doors will be open to everyone, but in the meantime where the doorways persist I usually only see walls and glass ceilings.

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