Hater's Ball

This cartoon is a interesting example of the simplicicity of hate. It is this simplistic portrayal of existence (an "us" vs. "them" mentality... to borrow from Pink Floyd if you will) that gives hate groups their power. It seems easy in some sense for the public to hate various groups (particularly groups of people that do not look white) or for hate groups themselves to be pittied against one another (at extreme ends of an idealogical spectrum).

It seems without fail, membership in hate groups is sternly reflective of fear and ignorance toward the people firmly placed in the cross hairs by the hate group. Hate is a powerful emotion, but when it manifests in the form of hate groups it seems as if the hate is fostered and taught. There seems to be a powerful indoctrination into the hate and to the rhetoric and propaganda of a given group. It is also fascinating that religion is often manipulated by hate groups as a means by which to justify the groups disturbing line of thinking.

In order to qwell the existence and power of hate groups, we must provide people with two things: education and opportunity. These are the exact things that hate groups offer to the lost, and if we can offer the same thing through a supportive, socially just line of thinking we can produce a much more positive outcome in our communities and classsrooms.

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