California Speaks: Heterosexuals Cut the Cake, Homosexuals Pick Up the Pieces

What a disappointing vote by Californians. On a day where the United States is "changing" the good people of the 'most liberal state in the union' decided only some people should have the right to marry. Apparently despite all our new found acceptance and open-mindedness (I for one am not quite ready to drink the Kool-Aid of racial harmony in the United States and to hurt my arm patting ourselves on the back) there are still civil rights battles left to be waged.

I am curious as to what changed over the course of months to move from being a gay marriage friendly state to becoming a state banning gay marriage? The Constitution has been reinterpreted yet again... so let me offer the politically incorrect rewrite "All heterosexuals are created equal". I wonder if it's the best idea to allow the citizenry to interpret their state's constitution and I am hopeful that the state supreme court will overturn this travesty. California had a chance, as the most populous state, to send a clear message of acceptance and equality. Instead of being the progressive bastion state they are often portrayed as they aligned themselves with the forward thinkers omnipresent in places like (gulp) Ohio. Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has reversed polarity and has spoken in favor of supporting gay marriage rights. Perhaps much like The Governator's beloved Terminator character the rights of same sex partners to marry will "be back".

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