The Poverty Line

In looking at my bookshelf recently I remembered that I am damn near a Marxist. I’m searching for signs of equality on some level in this country. It has often been said by free marketeers that a socialist system won’t work because there is no incentive to work, but I would ask those without jobs and living below the poverty line, can things get any worse? the arguments of the "haves" often bark up the wrong tree. Their line of thinking often assumes much and disregards the struggles of the "have-nots". Redistributing the wealth in a more equitable way seems like an appropriate and just practice given the ever expanding gap between rich and poor.

I find that power and wealth tend to corrupt or cause their proponents to lose touch with what is real and as such their mentality changes and they lose sight of the binding principles of humanity. By leaving our comfort zones and walking in the shoes of others who have less wealth and opportunity we would stand to learn a lot. Existing below the poverty line is a life far from "The American Dream" that is promised to so many.

The following video offers a sobering and humble reminder to consider the plight of others and that not everyone has the opportunity to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”.

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